Longding Aluminum Co., Ltd. takes various measures in the mean time to implement various activities of the"Safety Production Month"

June 2021 is the 20th "Safe Production Month" nationwide. The Aluminum Processing Division attaches great importance to and carefully plans to carry out the "Safety Production Month" activities in different forms, allowing the activities to have a sense of ritual, participation, and a sense of harvest and effectiveness, further enabling our employees to work carefully and firmly.
The first approach is to hold a special kick-off meeting, requiring all units to strengthen organization and leadership, clarify the division of responsibilities, refine tasks, mobilize at various levels and drive the participation of all employees. We use this event as an opportunity to promote the company's safety production level and to stabilize safety production situation consistently.
The second measure is to organize all the staff members to watch the feature film "Life is More Important than Mount Tai-Learning from General Secretary Xi Jinping's Important Statement on Work Safety"; We utilize the safety conference to carry out the activities of "General Manager Talking Safety" and "Factory Manager Talking Safety" activities to preach advanced safety concepts.This makes the statements about production safety more effective.
The third method is to combine the characteristics of "three more and one young" in enterprise safety management to carry out hidden danger investigation and management from working environment, equipment operation, production technology, personnel violations, emergency plans, etc.These measures will improve the level of work safety and extensively mobilize employees in all positions to carry out the activities of "Clean up Hidden Danger and Strive to be a Safety Pioneer" and effectively resolve hidden risks in the bud.
At present, the 2021 "Safety Production Month" activities have been fully launched. During the event, the Aluminum Processing Division will promote the realization of "all employees manage safety and all employees pay attention to safety" in accordance with the activity plan through strict process management, normalize safety production management and implement it in every piece of work.We will strictly ensure that the work is guaranteed and the production is standardized.