Temper Spirits to Have a Breakthrough ——Longding Aluminum Industrials’ Key Personnel Had an Outward Development

“7 minutes and 55 seconds!” With bursts of cheers, 22 key personnel of Longding Aluminum Industrials worked together to cross the 4.2-meter-high escape wall, marking the end of the development.


In order to cultivate their teamwork consciousness, build an elite management team and strengthen their teamwork ability and communication skills, the leaders use the weekend time to organize them to participate in the team building exercise in two batches.


Pic: Assemble a Team




Pic: The Brigade Box




Pic: Trust Fall




Pic: Drums Hero




Pic: Team Tangram




  Pic: 60 Seconds Haste




Pic: Climb the Graduation Wall


“Real effort doesn’t matter how much time we spend or how hard we treat ourselves. Clear goals are more important than blind efforts, and deep thinking is more important than repetition. Only when we reflect ourselves and adjust our efforts, and find the best method, can we get twice the result with half the effort.”

“I am looking forward to applying our sense and gains to the work, so as to improving our management and performance!”


After the outward development, everyone expressed their dedications to the duties and their determinations to put the gains into the future work, so as to strive to make greater contributions.