Let's focus the light gauge Aluminum Foil of "Longding" plant

On August 18, about two tons of "Longding" plant light gauge aluminum foil products, packed carefully, were transferred to the truck by the finished product warehouse staff. After three days, these products will arrive at the production lines of customers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area for processing high-end food packaging bags.
In view of the broad market prospects of light gauge foil products, in the principle of market orientation, Longding Aluminum Industrials, combined with enterprise equipment conditions, organizes technical personnel to tackle key problems, tracks and controls the entire process from casting rolling, cold rolling to aluminum foil in order to optimize the process and stabilize the product quality. At present, it can normally produce about 300 tons per month.
In late July, Longding Aluminum’s double zero foil products have been continuously and stably produced in batches in accordance with trade orders. The thickness of the finished product is 0.006 to 0.007 mm, and all its technical indicators can meet customer needs. In order to improve production efficiency and meet the needs of trade orders, the billet width has been increased to 1,620 mm from 1,200 mm to 1,400 mm, which is close to the limit width of the rolling mill. At present, stable production has been achieved. On this basis, Longding Aluminum Industrials has formulated a complete light gauge foil production process to provide a complete system guarantee for the continuous and steady improvement of product quality and output.

light gauge foil is an aluminum foil with the thickness of two zeros after the decimal point when it is measured in millimeters. The thickness is usually less than 0.0075 mm. light gauge aluminum foil is mainly used in the packaging industry, such as food packaging and cigarette packaging.