Longding Aluminum Industrials Successfully Passed the 2020 Henan Quality Benchmarking

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of Henan Province announced the list of “Quality Benchmarks in Henan Province in 2020”. Longding Aluminum Industrials ranks among them with the experience of implementing green lean management to improve product quality.

According to the application standards of 2020 Henan quality benchmarks, Longding Aluminum Industrials, through the collection, sortation, compiling, and binding, submitted the application materials for the preliminary review. Eventually, it successfully passed the 2020 Henan Quality Benchmarking, after the procedures, for example, the recommendation by the MIIT of Luoyang, the comments given by the experts, the on-site defense, and the comprehensive review.

Longding Aluminum Industrials successfully passed the Henan Quality Benchmarking Selection, which is the result of its adherence to quality first, its active innovation activities of quality management, and its improvement of brand core competitiveness. And it also lays a solid foundation for applying for the national quality benchmark.