Longding Aluminum Industrials Has an MES Training

On June 22, Longding Aluminum Industrials invited technical engineers of MES (Manufacturing Execution System)management system to impart the knowledge of order management, to demonstrate the operation steps and to make business personnel feel easy to the order management module.

Since it was officially put into use in January, MES order management of Longding Aluminum Industrials has been able to operate stably after system optimizations. The Information Center Project Team of our group has gradually worked on trials on production management, quality management and other modules in the production branches of the business department. It is expected that the identification and reading of product QR code will be realized in October, and that product management will be digital and informational.

The MES management system, focusing on the execution of the workshop operation plan, can optimize and manage the entire production process from order placement to product completion through information transmission. It is an information flow used to track the progress of production, inventory, pace of work and management of in and out of workshop. The application of the system will further optimize the management of production and sale, provide sales staff with convenient information services, effectively guide the process of production, improve timely delivery capabilities, improve the flow of materials, and increase return on production.