Longding Aluminum has successfully developed 0.006 mm double zero aluminum foil product

Recently, The no. 12 aluminum foil mill of Longding Aluminum successfully rolled out 1235 alloy thickness of 0.006 mm double zero aluminum foil, marking that Longding aluminum has fully mastered the production process of the type of 0.006 mm to 0.009 mm thickness double zero aluminum foil, officially ranked among the ranks of domestic double zero aluminum foil production enterprises.

The product research and development led by longding Aluminum engineering and technology research center, a number of branches cooperate with each other to complete. Special line production in casting and rolling plant, strictly control the melt quality control, ensure the billet quality; The plate profile control process was optimized in the first branch of cold rolling mill, and the matching process of casting-cold-rolled plate profile was preliminarily established. Aluminum foil branch to adjust the foil rolling equipment precision, ensure that the process equipment match, constantly break the equipment limit.
At present, Longding aluminum double zero aluminum foil has started batch supply, domestic and foreign customers are constantly expanding.