Under the epidemic prevention and control, we are united as one to fight against the epidemic

At 8:30, at the gate of Longding Apartment, the staff who are off the night shift should register one by one under the guidance of two gatekeepers on duty, and take their temperature before entering. This is the fourth day that the access control system of Longding Public house has been closed. Although the entry formalities are a lot more complicated, all the employees can enter orderly according to the regulations.
At 11:30, the dining table at the Longding Aluminum Workers' restaurant, which used to hold 500 people at a time, is empty. In front of the dinner window, the staff left the restaurant after serving their own dishes. At the same time, the restaurant staff will be divided into two lines directly sent to each branch factory, by each branch factory organization workers bring their own tableware orderly after leaving. This is the 5th day that Longding aluminum workers' restaurant implements dispersive repast, although the staff repast some inconvenience, but reduced the risk of personnel gathering.
14:30, in longding aluminum attendance room, cleaning personnel are using 84 disinfectant disinfection. This is the third disinfection of the same day in accordance with the standard of no less than four times a day in crowded places of the company.
At 15:00, the personnel of longding Aluminum Comprehensive management Department are stamping the white half way pass which has just been made and issuing it to relevant employees. This is a coVID-19 pass made by the company after consultation with the Baisha government to make it easier for employees to get to and from work overnight.
At 16:00, the staff of longding Aluminum Comprehensive management Department confirmed the specific situation by telephone after summarizing the daily report of the isolation of the people who were out of the branch factories on that day. Although they haven't officially returned to work yet, the special nature of office work has led some of them to return to work early.
At 22:00, longding aluminum production scheduling office, the shift scheduling is using WeChat video conference to hold the on-duty meeting on that day, to deal with the production problems that need to be coordinated and solved in each branch factory.
At 24:00, the mill is running at a normal high speed on the production line of each branch of Longding Aluminum Co., LTD. All the staff wear masks, normally transfer materials, pack and store materials, and regularly disinfect the workshop.