478.18 Million Yuan in Return! Good News from Longding Aluminum Industrials.

On May 1st, the sales report of Longding Aluminum Industrials showed that the accumulated return in April was 478.18 million yuan, exceeding the monthly target of 98.18 million yuan, and the receivable ratio reached 125.83%. This is an another good news after a record high of 38,957 tons of shipments four days ago.

In April, the domestic air-conditioning manufacturers in the early stage of the market were basically in a state of suspension, which affects the overall downstream payment; the overseas epidemic has aggravated, exports blocked, which affects the overall delivery layout. In the face of difficulties, all the employees worked together to make up for the payment gap by focusing on major customers. The production was at full capacity, the analysis results were reported every day, and the production was evenly produced according to the plan. Production and sales bucked the trend and showed two flourishing trends.

In May, Longding Aluminum Industrials sets sail again. It plans to sale 33,000 tons and collect payment of 500 million yuan. In the future, Longding Aluminum Industrials will continue to make efforts.