The Casting and Rolling Branch of Longding Aluminum Industrials was awarded the “Henan Provincial Worker Pioneer.”

A few days ago, the Henan Provincial May 1st Labor Award and Worker Pioneer Award Commendation Conference was held. The casting and rolling branch of Longding Aluminum Industrials was awarded as the “Henan Provincial Worker Pioneer Plant”

The casting and rolling branch is the largest billet branch of Longding Aluminum Industrials. Due to its outstanding performance, it has been rated as an advanced collective by the enterprise for many years. In 2018, the branch was awarded the honorary title of “Luoyang Worker Pioneer” by the Luoyang Federation of Trade Unions. In 2019, in the “Longding Cup” vocational skills competition in Henan Province, the team of the casting and rolling branch won the second place in the individual competition and the third place in the group.

In recent years, the Longding Aluminum Industry Trade Union Committee has centered on the four basic functions of participation, maintenance, construction, and education. The Industry Trade Union Committee, taking the development of enterprise as its central task, caring for employees based on the principle of people-oriented, playing a typical leading role, continuously strengthening employee training, paying close attention to job training, and holding cultural and sports activities, unite and mobilize the majority of employees to give full play to the role of the main force, makes positive contributions to the annual goals and tasks.