Longding Aluminum won luoyang 5.1 Female Commendation

On April 7, Longding Aluminum physical and chemical measurement and testing Center won the "Luoyang Wuyi Female Commendation". Luoyang federation of Trade unions director Guo Junhui for longding aluminum physical and chemical measurement and testing center award, Yichuan County Federation of trade unions party members Zhou Liping attended the awarding ceremony.
Guo Junhui CARES for female worker to Long Ding aluminium Labour union, the work done by said that for Long Ding women love the professional, innovative, dedicated and positive spirit to give praise, require Long Ding aluminum union treasure honor, make persistent efforts, full display of contemporary female elegant demeanour, play a role of female workers "half the sky".
Xing Junhong, chairman of longding Aluminum Trade Union, said that she would continue to do a good job in safeguarding the rights and interests of women workers, promoting the success of women workers, caring about the lives of women workers these three articles, become the most intimate female workers in the heart of the "family".
After the awarding ceremony, Guo Junhui went to the production site of Longding Aluminum To learn about the production and operation situation of the enterprises during the epidemic prevention and control period.