Longding Aluminum Industrials: Select and Hire Outstanding College Graduates to Strengthen the Construction of Talent Team

“Congratulations on being hired by our company, please report to our company on June 28.” Recently, Longding Aluminum Industrials has widely recruited talents and selected outstanding undergraduates for employment.

Since the beginning of March, Longding Aluminum has held online job fairs in colleges and universities such as Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology and Luoyang Normal University, and vigorously introduced outstanding graduates in materials, electrical, English and other majors. On May 27th, the first batch of 7 graduates with a bachelor’s degree or above majoring in metal materials and electrical automation participated in the interview; June 9th, the second batch of 4 students majoring in English and international trade participated in the interview; the third batch of interviews will be held on June 23rd.

In order to achieve the goal of attracting talents, retaining talents, cultivating talents, and making good use of talents, Longding Aluminum has clearly defined training plans and retention plans. In terms of logistical support, it sets up special apartments for graduates, equipped with household appliances and furniture such as air-conditioning, water heaters, beds and wardrobes to provide a comfortable accommodation environment for employees;
In terms of talent training, the salary method of posts performance in branch plus company subsidy is adopted. After joining Longding, all the graduates will go to the production line for rotation training for 8-10 months to be familiar with the company’s production process and product characteristics, laying a foundation for later talent training and reserving.

In the next step, Longding Aluminum Industrials will continue to recruit outstanding graduates through various platforms and channels, in order to strengthen the construction of the talent team and improve the overall quality of personnel.